It takes a village

Site Credits

This brand experience wouldn't be possible without the following incredible companies and people:

  • Sarah Ashman, Public Persona
  • Nusrat Momin, Studio 5800
  • Jess Manuszak, Verge & Vigour
  • Jenn Whinnem, Obsession Eleven
  • Julia Ramiro Martín, Pepino de Mar
  • Mike Ganino
  • Hillary Weiss
  • Veronica Romney
  • Linette Gary
  • Lanie Lamarre
  • Andréa Jones
  • Meg Casebolt
  • The Women of 25N
  • Roberto Hess

Before I start listing off my Mom, Dad, and second grade teacher (shout out to Mrs. Reckley) let me acknowledge that if you're reading this and wondering why you're not mentioned, you probably should be!