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Tip #27: Distract Repeat Interrupters By Pretending You Give a Shit

When you work at home or on the road, you may find yourself working in a common space from time to time. The people in your life–especially those who have never freelanced or run their own business–will tend to treat this time as “office hours” when you are free to chat, answer questions, and generally […]

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Tip #11: Fight Fear With Faith (And A Lil’ Patrick Swayze)

Awesomepreneur confession: I am afraid. Popular philosophy says fear is a bad thing, mostly because it is such a hungry little monster it can consume your whole life if you let it. I know. Because I am afraid. This morning I had a heart-to-heart with a fellow awesomepreneur, Javier, a foreign language teacher living in […]

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Tip #7: Turn Your Office Into A “Spa”-ffice

Somewhere between hunting, gathering, and cube farming, we surrendered to the idea that hard work is synonymous with discomfort. Take the contemporary corporate “uniform,” for example: Who decided that neckties and nylons made people more productive and professional? (This guy.) For most live action Monopoly players, when we don’t leave work frazzled, sore, and exhausted, […]