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Compare Equals Despair RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #40: Don’t Let Comparisons Steal Your Joy

Today’s tip comes from (not) just another hardworking chick: Bridget Kuglin of Sweet B Designs. (See her adorable logo to complete the pun.) Sweet B Designs is the perfect example of heartwork-in-action: Bridget blends art + strategy + communication to do what she loves (make mad pretty things) so her clients can keep doing what […]

You Need a Dream Team RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #23: You Need A Dream Team (Even If You’re A Solopreneur!)

Heads up, awesomepreneurs, if you want to live the dream–you can’t do it alone. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business owner managing a staff, or part of a large enterprise where somebody else calls the shots, you need your very own dream team. Awesomeness doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Bestselling authors need editors, proofreaders, […]

Take Criticism Like Its Your Job RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #5: Take Criticism Like It’s Your Job (It Is)

So, here’s the inside scoop on the Awesomepreneur eHouse–it’s not done yet. What you see today (as of September 8, 2012) is heartwork in the making–a perfectly imperfect blog in progress. Right when I thought I was done with RKA ink’s new home, I started noticing glitches in different browsers (and proceeded to freak out). […]