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Get Your Biz a Facebook Page RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #35: Get Your Biz A Facebook Page, Like, Today

The last tip in our Facebook mini-series has has a twofold purpose: 1) convince you why your biz fo’ real needs a Facebook Business Page 2) encourage you to land said page fo’ free by entering the RKA ink Facebook Page giveaway on facebook.com/RKAink. (Click “Contest!” to enter.) More details on what you could win […]

Stop Hating on Facebook RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #34: Stop Hatin’ On Facebook Already And Feel The Love

What is it about Facebook that makes it such an easy target for social media bashing? While Facebook use has skyrocketed over the last few years (1+ billion users and counting) so have its criticisms: the most popular diss being, “I hate Facebook. But I’m so addicted! I’m seriously deleting my account next week.” Uh […]

Use Facebook More RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #33: Use Facebook More (Not Kidding)

Haterz gonna hate, but I love Facebook. I’m not going to justify or apologize for it–I want to shout it from the rooftops! Facebook is my news channel dedicated to the people I love–albeit with a few commercial breaks. Thanks to Facebook, I watched my cousins turn from babies into boys, virtually attended my sister’s […]

Know When To Ask For Help RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #32: Know When To Ask For Help

Today’s tip is a testament to the positive power of social media: shared by my social media muse (and yesterday’s guest awesomepreneur!) Kim Leamer Maleski on Facebook chat, inspired by a mutual strengths enthusiast and Gallup Facebook groupie Gavin Cargill, founder of Value the Person International. Over the last year, Facebook has become one of […]

Facebook Kids Table Kim Leamer Maleski RKA ink

Tip #31: Engage With Facebook Fans (At The Kid’s Table)

For the next two weeks, 365 Tips For Working With Heart is going on a social media safari in honor of our Facebook Business Page giveaway on facebook.com/RKAink (click “Contest!” to enter). Today we’re thrilled to introduce our guest awesomepreneur and social media muse, Kim Leamer Maleski with Tip #31 for working with heart – […]