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Awesomepreneurs We Love: Erik Stonikas

Erik Stonikas is the original awesomepreneur. I wrote about him in August–right before the RKA ink redesign and the launch of Awesomepreneur–and realized, then and there, that I had to create a space to spotlight people like him. Awesomepreneur was born shortly thereafter and I’ve been anxiously awaiting Erik’s interview ever since. Erik’s work speaks […]

Sharpen Your Ax RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #10: Sharpen Your Ax

A little over a month ago, I received this email from a fellow Masterminder/strengths ambassador. After we finished Brent O’Bannon’s Strengths Mastermind Program, we made an eDeal to trade talents and support each others’ businesses but I was slacking on my side of the bargain, using my “busy” schedule as an excuse. This message, which […]