Pretty vs. SEO: Two Web Designers Square Off on Blab

Today I hosted my first blab! (Inadvertently…Todd had tech issues, so I took the helm!) I squared off with Todd Lohenry on the topic of Pretty vs. SEO. What matters more? Design or SEO? It was a solid, albeit squeaky, first “on the record” blab, touching on our favorite SEO friendly WordPress themes, why responsive […]

Blab Is Social Media

Think Technology Disconnects Us? Blab Is Making Social Media Social Again

I hear it, say it, and feel it all the time: social media is hard. When you’re building a business using social media tools, you quickly learn that nothing happens quickly. Each network, from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Instagram to Tumblr to… (I could go on) has its own language, rules, and unique dynamics. Engaging […]