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Tip #15: Make A Gratitude List

It seems like every other week I’m begging my awesome friend Kassi Grunder to start a blog. Girlfriend does it all–she’s a mouth-watering vegan chef/steadfast defender of social justice/fearless world traveler/hot guy savante/joy-spreading positive thinker and all around great gal. (Basically, I’m in love with her.) But Kassi’s too busy living in the moment (and […]

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Tip #13: Share Your Story

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What’s your story? Fiiiiiiiine. I’ll go first. In January, my dear friend Raquel and I, along with 500+ heartists/awesomepreneurs from across the world, experienced the transformative power of storytelling at the 2do Encuentro Latinoamericano de Teatro del Oprimido (the Second Latin American Reunion of the Theatre of the […]